The SEAL teams are arguably the military’s most elite “High Performing Team”.  Since I left the SEALs, it is my observation that the vast majority of organisations and their people want to perform at their best. 

Oftentimes a change is needed however, the challenge is articulating WHAT to change and HOW to change it. 

The coaching program uses scientifically “reliable” and “valid” diagnostics to chart individual and team dynamics.  With focused activities and coaching sessions, we measure behavioural norms, explore how they may enhance or limit effectiveness and take action to implement change.



Depending on the needs of the individual or the organisation, the following three options are designed to facilitate personal transformation. They can be used in sequence, in combination or in isolation:

    • Discovery coaching – This approach suits people who are looking for clarity around a specific issue.
    • Structural coaching – This approach is designed to assist people who would like to engage a coach to achieve specific leadership or personal goals.
    • Diagnostic informed coaching – This diagnostic provides the framework for participants to become aware of how they view themselves and how their behaviour is viewed by others. This approach assists participants to become more effective leaders.

Leadership and Coaching Engagements