I am really grateful that I have the opportunity to speak about my life experiences and I do my best to understand the challenges that a particular audience face prior to delivering any talk. If there is a particular concept or area that you would like to address, I am more than happy to develop a keynote specific to your requirements.

If you are looking for insight on leadership, safety or to inspire people to be their best, I regularly deliver the following:

  • You are capable of more than you think – Drawing on experiences from SEAL Training (Basic Underwater Demolition School (BUD/s) I explore three tools (Perspective, Fellowship and Commitment) which can assist the participants face challenge and change.
  • Safety and Cognitive Bias – During this talk I speak about the dangers of cognitive bias. From NASA engineers to Everest climbers, we are all subject to errors of logic.  This talk provides participants with insight into how they unwittingly take short cuts to and how they might prevent putting themselves and their workmates at risk…
  • One decision can change your life – During this talk I speak about power of choice through the lens of a SEAL mission that went wrong in Afghanistan. This talk is aimed at providing participants with insight into how they can make effective choices when faced with tough decisions…

Whether I am talking to leadership teams, athletes or high school students the question and answer session after the talk provides a format where the participants can further explore the concepts, challenge me on areas where they seek clarity and gain perspective on how the tools discussed can be applied in their own life.

Speaking Engagements

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