Programs & Workshops

Employee Empowerment Program

The Employee Empowerment Program uses the latest research in neuroscience to enhance thinking and support goal setting for your staff and their families.

With amazing coaches across multiple time zones, find out more by visiting the Employee Empowerment Portal.

Resilience Program

The latest scientific research has demonstrated that resilience is a trait that can be developed.  The Resilience Through G.R.I.T ™ program is a workshop series designed to provide participants with tools to assist in the proactive development of resilience through the G.R.I.T construct:

      • Gratitude & Growth
      • Reset
      • Inoculation
      • Team

Leadership Program

Grounded in the practical experience from the U.S. Military’s high performance team (the U.S. Navy SEALs) the leadership program includes the following workshops:

      • Ideal Team / Ideal Leader
      • The Pain of Leadership
      • Values and Purpose
      • Uncovering Stories (What is holding you back…)

Since 2016 our Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) approved online platform has been utilised by seafarers to meet their training requirements.  

Programs & Workshops

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